Casting Call: Paranormal Shopping Network

Casting Notice

Three Cat Films is casting a series of roles for the Paranormal Shopping Network web-series. We’re looking for actors who want build their reels and make some connections. Compensation: Copy, Credit, Meal. Non-Union.

Filming Dates: July 18-19, August 1-2.

Auditions held Sunday, June 28 from 1-5pm in downtown Seattle. Complete the form below to request an audition. Please indicate with role(s) interest you, and also supply a link to your photograph and reel (if available).

Allergy notice: One of the locations has resident cats. Another location has dogs.

Announcer #1

Off screen voice. Male, any age. Must be able to do a voice similar to the Disney voice that says “Coming Soon to Theaters”:

50’s Housewife/ Date/ Ghost:

Female, 20-25, petite. Must be well versed at improv.

You’re sweet and demure, but not for long. You have a few secrets up your sleeve. Your first husband has succumbed to the zombie virus, but rather than destroy him, your resourcefulness has found a way to domesticate him. Still, you’re missing something in your life. Could it be found in the delivery man at your door?

Zombie/ James Bond announcer #2

Male, can play 20-35. Must be able to do a variety of British accents. Must be well versed at improv. This is two separate roles.

First you will play a man who has succumbed to the zombie virus and who has then been domesticated by his loving wife. Then you will be a CEO Vampire intent on selling breath mints to your clan at any cost. Ruthless 007 type.

Delivery Guy/ Vampire:

Male, can play age 20-35 (Think Twilight  meets Interview With a Vampire.) Must be well versed at improv.

Milk man Fanzie type, you ooze confidence and that draws your prey right to you. What happens when you play with fire, though?

2nd Date:

Female, 20-25, petite. Must be well versed at improv.

You’re religiously devout, and never leave home without holy water and a stake. Still, a girl has to have a good time now and then, right?


Request an Audition:

These parts have been cast. Please check again later for future opportunities.

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